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that the oil industry makes every day which is the incredible bet against nature that consists of walking up to what to all appearances looks like an empty, barren piece of real estate and figuring out that anywhere between a thousand and 5,000 feet down there is rock. by the way, i don't know if you've ever actually seen the rocks that oil comes from. it's amazing. you would, you would walk by on the street and never look twice. it's gray rock. it's very dense. it looks about as hard and dry as anything you can imagine. and yet inside the microscopic pores of this stuff -- and i'm not even talking about shale now, i'm talking about regular sandstone. the shale is even tougher and even tighter. inside there, unbelievably, there are these microscopic pores that happen to be filled with oil. and so there you are making this bet against nature spending, you know, you can spend -- the sky's the limit on what you have to spend to drill a well, particularly if you're drilling arctic offshore. and your going to wager this -- you're going to wager this? over half of the oil production from the unite
bet to make. i can almost guarantee t all right. nischelle turner. thanks very much. good talking with you. enjoy the evening. >> sure. >>> there was no lone gunman. we have heard that claim before about the assassination of jfk. for the first time, confirmation what his brother, bobby, thought so too. that story ahead. >>> you know the flu can be deadly but there is a surge in another virus that can kill and it targets infants. if you're a parent, you can't afford to miss that segment. >>> then we have got some apps to help you find out where the flu is in your neighborhood. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. check for more! well, i guess i can double check... my watch! [ male announcer ] it pays to double check, with state farm. we don't let frequent heartburn come between
point of a to make here, this is done talk about credit bet. not as much now. i have not met for several years while i was i in the form office any responsible person from anti civilian leadership who would be seeking to go to afghanistan or who would be considering the taliban as an asset for the future. i am not going to go into details of these as far as the taliban as concerned. there is no question of popular returning to get in why i did enter the mid 1990's. there are reasons for this. there are to be details. i was the before the moment. there is one thing it. pakistan cannot treat them. this is a point which i think was the demographics and the history and a culture. we will appreciate as much as any pakistan would -- it will remain part of the afghan landscape. here there was a disconnect between the of kasten a position right after 9/11. i think he has made a remark that it their position is not -- it was not helpful. even at that time, pakistan has argued that reconcilable pakistan should be brought into the floor of the process. that is passed. and this brown there has been
bernard is live in bet human ma. -- petaluma. folks are bundling up. >> folks here are bracing for the coldest night so far this year. behind me, petaluma boulevard, it's been very quiet for hours. near freezing temperatures s so cold in petaluma, you. might swear these icicles were the real thing. >> it's no night for street performer danny burks to be outside with his dog, molly. >> i'm from iowa. we get this type of cold, but we get it with snow. so frost all every everything, all over the sleeping bags. >> the frost almost looked like snow on auto row after a deep freeze overnight, which sent aaron into survival mode. >> heat cranked up high and lots of extra blankets. >> surprised tourists thought california was always warm and sunny. >> it's cold as ice. that and the wind and rain, i thought i was back home. >> the frigid cold was great for business at this store, where it's christmas every day. >> we had a lot of people coming in, just checking out the store. so it helps out with the business when it's cold outside. >> across petaluma boulevard, it's slow. at la la's cre
.s. and europe but then what i say is even if they hire the right. >> bet the narcissism is so acute. you can see it to that we will meet that it leads us to think of others as human beings whose lives are curious as fortunately the university of chicago. the climate of fear and suspicion against muslims and friends to the rail that commitment but if we articulate ph.d. is clearly, this may help us with these developments. thank you. [applause] i will call on people until they cut us off. please come to the microphone. please say to you are or where program you are in. >> after that we do the book signing. if you have to leave and want a book take it to my secretary. >> one thing that disturbs me a young girl who wants to wear the covering they are forced they cannot go to a normal school so they are deprived of the education that other children get that would be a problem finding jobs in the future or b =. >> that is very important. that shows the policy is counterproductive. if they wanted to assimilation then of course, that is true. i did not talk about the school's his office of the but it i
. it does mean something, you are fretting, i bet. >> a couple of points, one, there are too many people driving on the highways, i'm sorry. (laughter) >> and number two, stephan has had a good point. i'm not worried, you quoted two out of five number. that number, that percentage of people getting government assistance has stayed pretty flat or the same for the last 30 years. >> what? >> i'm not concerned about that number. the number i'm concerned about is when i break it down and toby alluded to the makers versus takers percentage. right now 1.2 private sector workers for every government employee or person welfare, so, you've got the one side here, that's producing nothing and not saying they shouldn't get welfare or be in the government, i'm just saying they've got the bulk of the 1.2 people supporting all that other, and that number is going to get worse because as toby alludes to, more and more people are going to get on welfare, that's how greece got started more and more people taken out of the economy and the percentage of people making the money to take from is going to get
girl and a supervisor of san francisco, i bet that you will be able to tell which one is which. >> the 10-year-old girl is the president of her class at her elementary school and the larger person is a member of the board of supervisors. >> hang on hannah oconnel and scott weiner. [ applause ] >> so i am not hannah. i will be reading wishes tonight and alternate. the first is from sisters in gramic of the sisters of loreto my wish is that we achieve marriage equality in every state and we resend doma on the federal level to achieve full quality for lesbian and gay relationships across the land. >> i wish that the bees were not dying from. >> that is a good one. >> my hope is for improved economic conditions for my country's most vulnerable people that we create healthy environments and green spaces and by country men and women become fully conscious of their ability to change things for the better. >> baptist from haiti. my wish is for more justice, economic as well as social justice, starting with the recognition that poverty is not a sin. >> i wish for wish for a world withou
that stagg instant air quality. >> okay. >> i bet you we do have spare the air days going into effect. keep that in mind. >> appreciate the heads-up. >>> dennis is here. couple football games going on, huh? >> oh, yeah, matter of fact, there are one or two going on right now. there was actually something else going on besides football and the ravens and broncos played in an instant playoff classic. we're next. . >>> well, the early game seen here on cbs 5 was really good disclaim. >> it went on and on like the energizer bunny. in fact, went so long our fifth quarter post game show was pre- empted. it was great. two hall of famers on both sides of the ball. peyton manning hoping to lead denver to a win. manning trying to stay warm in denver. not a low-scoring game like many expected. 21-21 at half time. fans who took a bathroom break did not even have a chance to settle into their seats, when trindon holliday returned his second special teams touchdown of the game, this for 104 yards and the broncos back up on top by 7. fast forward to the fourt
are a billionaire. >> i bet you anything that he will send you a copy of the birth certificate any day now to prove it. >> i will send him mine to prove that i am a human being born in the united states of america. >> and it sounds like if you look at the example quickly, but it is like coming to the point where the comedians have to be concerned about what they say. >> well, there is a concern about the freedom of expression, and i'll be honest with you, the more better known you are like bill maher, there are more limitation, because if you say something wrong or inappropriate, you are in the media the next day to defend yourself, and lesser known, it is not so serious, but this is a war on comedy. donald trump is leading it. >> get your $5 million check ready, dino abdallah. >> okay. i'll be ready. >> "state of the union" starts right now with candy crowley. en yjoy your sunday. >>> the white house forces the issue and signaling it will go wherever it can on gun control. today, biden panel readies the report for a white house banking on public revulsion. >> there is nothing that has gone to the
to that cold snap in north bay, bracing for the big chill tonight. cornell bernard is live in bet human ma. -- petaluma. folks are bundling up. >> folks here are bracing for the coldest night so far this year. behind me, petaluma boulevard, it's been very quiet for hours. near freezing temperatures keeping many people inside. >> it's so cold in petaluma, you might swear these icicles were the real thing. >> it's no night for street performer danny burks to be outside with his dog, molly. >> i'm from iowa. we get this type of cold, but we get it with snow. so frost all every everything, all over the sleeping bags. >> the frost almost looked like snow on auto row after a deep freeze overnight, which sent aaron into survival mode. >> heat cranked up high and lots of extra blankets. >> surprised tourists thought california was always warm and sunny. >> it's cold as ice. that and the wind and rain, i thought i was back home. >> the frigid cold was great for business at this store, where it's christmas every day. >> we had a lot of people coming in, just checking out the store. so it helps out w
analysis i think what cory is doing is pretty smart. he is placing a bet that frank is not going to run again and he is trying to position himself at the head of the line for anybody else who might aspire to replace frank. and so this is not a game for wall flowers or folks who are -- at the end of the day it is a pretty darwinian game. >> listen to this. this is what booker said in that wnbc interview. >> as frustrated as i was with him for taking time to evolve, as he said, it was a glorious thing to see the first president of the united states stand up and affirm equality. >> talking about same sex marriage and marriage equality. should republicans reconsider their stance on issues such as same sex marriage? >> i don't think so. earlier today colin powell talked about the dark vein of intolerance. that plays both ways when you have folks on the left who will take a defense of traditional marriage as being an act of bigotry. i think we need to grow up and play this out in the public arena and in the legislate chb bodies of the country. >> the president's comments made before the elect
and share with us their firsthand account of that terrifying ordeal. >> this was stunning, i bet you watched the first game. any football fan who watched the ravens game. >> clayton:. >> under a minute. flacco, somehow got behind the defense in overtime, peyton manning forces this pass and intercepted, and six plays later, and now, in double overtime the ravens kick a game winning 47 yard field goal to stun the broncos, 38- 38-35. and then from san francisco, 49ers qb, kaepernick, rushing, 181 yards and two touchdowns, and had the the game of his lifetime. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much. i would have had to have read that phonetically. >> kaepernick? >> yes, let's check with rick reichmuth. >> rick: the dangers of early morning tv, i fell asleep right at double overtime, i have no how it happened, but i woke up when the game was done, i was bummed. warm across the southeast, enjoy it, this is all about to change and once it goes away, it's gone for a long time. the cold air across the west will replace it and the warm air up to the west and that's going to be a bit of a cha
in the united states at risk, so we can cut medicare. that just won't happen. >> that's what people are betting on. >> that's exactly what republicans are betting on. we went to the well. we let the president get what he wanted on the fiscal cliff. but when it comes to the debt ceiling, he's going to have to cough up some spending cuts and they are saying they are prepared to go to the brink on this even if it means, you know, questioning the full faith and credit of the american government. >> but, yeah -- >> look, the republicans need to wake up and get real. we're the only country on earth that has a debt ceiling limit. ultimately as part of a grand bargain we ought to get rid of it and we ought to substitute statutory budget controls and the constitutional credit cart limit, the gdp but in the interim if the republicans wasn't to use leverage they ought to use it on the sequester and continuing resolution. >> right on the heels -- >> we should not allow this to become thought of as a legitimate or normal budget strategy. this is hostage-taking. this is saying walk into a room saying i've go
of putting them in the right spot. so i think best bet is if you can't find it, your usual pharmacy, look somewhere else. >> right. a lot of people want to know, too, and these would be friends of mine, not friends of yours, who thought they could get the flu from a flu shot. and you say that's absolutely not true. >> some of my friends have asked that question as well. that is a myth. and is i think we can 'tis pens with this right now is saying that it's actually a dead virus. and an inactive virus. this is the flu shot here. you can't get it from this. but what can happen, ben, and for everybody else, once you get this shot, you're actually activating your immune system. and when you activate the immune system, that's often what makes you feel cruddy. it's not the virus itself, it's your immune system. that's not the flu. that's your body doing what it's supposed to do. >> so when you start to feel cruddy when is the time to go to the hospital and stay on the couch, chicken noodle soup, flat ginger ale? >> all of mom's advice. for most people, it's going to be exactly what you just des
obama have a fight object his hands? you bet, but the fight is going to be over chuck hagel for secretary of defense. that is going to be a proxy battle between what you might call the know 0-conservatives, the bush ii folks, mccain, lieberman, lindsey graham, and the others and what hagel stands for, john, is non- interventionist foreign policy. we don't go to war unless vital interests are at stake. we put our own country first. i think this is going to be the battle royal in the coming months. >> eleanor. >> nobody is a shoe-in with the republican party that fails to defeat president obama for reelection but still seems determined to make him a failed president but jacob lew is as close to a shoe-in as there can be. the only complaint you hear is that he hasn't spent enough time on wall street, and for a lot of democrats that's actually a positive attribute. so he will be confirmed. and i believe senator hagel will also be confirmed, although that's a bigger fight, and his remarks about israel that somehow he isn't tough enough on israel, his objection to sanctions was th
of the mobile devices and i bet everyone in this room has a mobile device and if i went to grab it from you, you would think i was stealing the most important thing that you have. i'm not going to do it. they act in ways that really make a lot of sense. if we take one of those areas that we mentioned, milwaukee, and the example you gave was in some of the less democracy parts of the world where democracy is in short supply and technology can provide a check and balance and a product for accountability, what about the mature democracies. we just had an election in this country. did that teach any lessons, were there any technology lessons to be drawn from this year's election? >> it's always hard to reason from one event. the winners get to write history and the losers sort of think about the next election. there is no connection that the obama campaign, because i was part of it, had a technology that helped elect the president. it was cloud computing, servers and targeted programs and get out the vote. so that is to say this is to governments are going to change, too. on the one hand, the govern
to get to the hospital. there are so many examples. i bet you, everyone in this room has a mobile device on you come and if i take it from you, you would think i was taking the most important device that you had. over and over again, we see that if you empower people with information, they act in a lot of ways that make sense. >> one of the examples you gave us was the it less democratic parts of the world where democracy is in short supply and technology can provide a check and balance for accountability. what about mature democracies? we just had an election in this country. did that teach any lessons? were there any technology lessons to be drawn from this year's election? >> it is always hard to reason. the winners get to write history. the losers think about the next election. there is no question the obama campaign had a technology strategy that helped elect the president. there were targeted programs to get out the vote. to me, the way to say this is governments are going to change, too, because governments spend an awful lot of time delivering service, and now we can measure them
rather than take them home. we had constant air raids every night. when you went to bet, we have the curfew, you would put your valuables in your pajamas and in your coat every night in the daytime i would ride in the front of the double decker bus and see the people with the damage to the dockyard every day. then i was sent to a place where they were getting ready for the day. we ran the other party boats. there was no harbour but just open sea. it was difficult. and was incredibly tense. the young men and would get drunk every night. it was to be ears. every night we had to take them back. if you can imagine in the dark, not a single light on the sea or the land and grow your way out juicy and the places where they belong to. but one of the main things was listen to these people. they wanted to talk. they had no idea why they were there. they wanted to talk about their families. was thinking via other night i don't think any of them talked about the future but four hours and hours of a talk to the young mariners most of whom were lost and for what it meant to them. so i think i
you again. jack lew claim to fame to create a surplus bet americans are up in arms? >> nobody has a better resonate and jack lew who was an aide to tip o'neill during the reform of social security. republicans are really just playing partisan. lori: over the last three years ago with budget director u.s. has run deficits over $8 trillion per year in that rate is of contention with criticism. >> a lot of that's is more partisan fear than reality. one interview that he did when the president proposes budget that spending on government programs would balance with the revenues to equalize. their rubies smaller running deficits but that was the course scope and size issue. they said it is semantics but that is not the case. lori: do they not like him because he is a tough negotiator? >> that is part of it. >> except john kerry every nomination is criticized even in hagel is not good enough. so the backdrop of the obama was working in with a first term and dynamics were different but that was a solid choice and we could have huge ffghts ahead of us. >> with the cuts coming he no -- we k
to her. >> i bet it happens every day in her house. >>> this is it for us. thank you so much for watching. >> we will see you right back here (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> the first game of the play offs for the 49ers who had the privilege of taking a bye week. and fans are showing their niner pride all over the bay area! we have team coverage on this nail biting match up packers. first we head out live to candle stick park that's where we find kron 4's j-r stone who spent the day with fans? >> reporter: 38-24 right now in the fourth quarter. it is all energy. and these fans are wild! take a listen! they are yelling for the 49ers at candlestick park. as the fans are here in because we have to make money off of somebody. >> speaking of money, so were these >> this is natural! do you like this? >> yes. >> we are sisters. >> i did not get the message or the memo. >> these girls about her red hair. they have she's earings. >> does anything worry about you? >> everything worries me about everything. but we are good. we are faithful! >> most of t
-31 and it wasn'taffeta that it was not that close of you can bet that colin kaepernick who ran for 181 yards today a record. te play atlanta right here on sunday on fox 2. >> he just elevated himself in the national football league. >> forget rg3 and forget cam newton. forget michael vick. this is a guy ho is setting a new paradigm as a quarterback. how you run that read option and he strong. he is fast. and he is something to watch. >> sure is. >> thank you, fred. >>> thank you, fred, bart today decided to delay maintenance work this evening that would have caused major delays for fans heading to and from the niners game. a spokesperson says the work was uptowned from 8:00 to start at 10:00 tonight. to accommodate all the increase in passengers. riders who use bart after 10:00 tonight may experience some delays and some you may need to transfer trains to reach your destination. >> i hope it's a game changer. >>> coming up a little bit later at 10:30, protecting players on the gridiron. the pioneering study being done at stanford that aims to unlock the mystery behind concussion. >>> an
recommends out. thank you for the preview of your show. >> you bet. >> shannon: the exclusive interviews and watch "fox news sunday" right after america's news headquarters. chris and leaders of gun groups from both sides tackle the debate over the seconds amendment. you will not want to miss that. folks in beijing are not breathing easy, being told to go indoors for the sake of their health. air pollution in the capitol city is at historic highs. a live report on that, coming up. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster is a fantastic experience. 30 shrimp for $11.99. i can't imagine anything better. you're getting a ton of shrimp, and it tastes really good! [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's 30 shrimp for just $11.99! choose any two of five savory shrimp selections, like mango jalapeƑo shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. two delicious shrimp selections on one plate! all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. 30 shrimp, just $11.99 for a limited time. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. i'm ryon stewart, i'm the ultimate shrimp lover, and i sea food differely. >> shannon: presid
and challenges with all three. if i had to bet i bet they all are confirmed and that hagel will be the toughest but ultimately will get through. the larger issue, with brennan going to c.i.a. and with jack lew going to treasury this is the effective consolidation of the white house and the president directly over treasury and c.i.a. and c.i.a. nominally an independent agency. >>gregg: these are corner -- cronies? >> yes and it is worrisome. >>gregg: pat, especially hagel who has said to republicans, troubling things about iran, hamas, hezbollah. >> said troubling things to democrats and not just republicans and he will be the most problematic. we see president obama and his chief of staff will either be biden's or the deputy of tom donnalyn, all white males, to drop the mask of pretense of bipartisanship, pushing the agenda through and the discussion each of them is what we can do in terms of ignoring the law. but hagel has real problems. >> john, you have pointed out that republicans are in disarray. does that make it impossible for them to oppose the nominations? >> it makes it harder. the bi
't want to make predictions, and yo you don't want to bet your house on the outcome, but i would say that the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> this is not your father's nra, but it represents gun manufacturers and less than half of the funding comes from their member, and they make tens of millions of dollars off of the purchases of guns. >> just his overall temperament and is he suited to run a department or big agency or big entity like the pentagon? >> you have questions about his temperament? >> i think -- i think -- i think there are numbers of staffers who are coming forth now just talking about the way he has dealt with them. i have certainly questions about a lot of things. >> one of the things interesting about this issue of temperament, i know there's a close relationship between the president and chuck hagel. i have traveled with him. i understand it but i also understand that chuck has the wherewithal and the ability to speak truth to power. >> what is his view of america's role in the world? whether
, willing to spend political capital, you don't want to make predictions. you don't want to bet your house on the outcome. i would say the likelihood is they are not going to be able to get an assaults weapon ban through this congress. >> this community is still really grieving. this is certainly about the families of the little boys and girls lost. it's about teachers and administrators and first responders who in the fury of the days and weeks of the shooting didn't understand how deeply it affected them. this is going to take a long time after the report comes out for the citizens to recover. >> susan is there. residents spoke about what should happen to sandy hook elementary school, the actual building. what do people want there? >> reporter: we heard so many different ideas tonight, drew. all of them were touching and very heart felt over the course of about an hour and a half. the first time there was a public forum on this subject. included were a lot of people, believe it or not, who are parents of current sandy hook elementary school students who are now, at least for now going te
of the new year, i bet you have noticed that your pay was less than the amount of your last check of 2012. and you are not the only one. thousands have taken to twitter to give their thoughts on the new payroll tax increase. here is just a few samples. one said just noticed all my employees part time hourly and et cetera will have more tax dollars taken out of their checks contrary to president's promise. liar? another one says did new tax goes into effect today? something i don't understand about the fiscal cliff. i got a raise yet, my paycheck got smaller. obama promised to increase taxes on families raising less than $250,000 a year. why do i have $30 less in my paycheck, mr. president. the president and his fellow democrats aren't done yet. they now want to increase more tax revenue by limiting your deductions. joining me to talk about the impact of these new taxes. country singer john rich, half of the duo big and rich. inadventure and managing partner of chord buddy a guitar learning tool travis berry. president of products william marsh comes back to join us again. good to have all
bet with brian, we would all be
is willing to expend the political capital, you don't want to make predictions and you don't want to bet your house on the outcome. i would say the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> how about a clip? some kind of a restriction? >> i don't think that ultimately they will get that either, because i don't think you can make a case, a, that you can really regulate it because these things cost virtually nothing, you know, even david gregory could find one, but the fact is that we're -- we live in a society where first of all, we have constitutional rights and secondly, there are millions upon millions of americans who value the rights that they have under the second amendment and who are involved in the shooting sports or use firearms for self-defense and we think that they will be heard. >> and when you look at the power, one of the things that you said when you came in is that our number one political priority is to defeat the president for a second term, and that didn't happen. you also lost some high profile senate races th
paying past bills, you bet into the cash flow aspect of this thing. basically what you're talking about is in order to increase the debt ceiling, we're giving the president the authority to put the burdened on our children and grandchildren. it's not about spending at all. it's about deficit spending. >> you said there's no doubt we are not going to default on our payments, the math indicates that if at some point -- why won't we? >> listen, our interest payments this year under $250 billion. we're going to bring in $ 2.5 trillion in tax revenue. ten times what the servicing on the debt is there is some cash flow aspects of turning over some debt. but basically the only reason you have to increase the debt ceiling is because we continue to deficit spend. we're actually spending $1 trillion more than we're bringing in. >> we're not, when you say -- >> that's the reason you have to increase the debt ceiling. >> when you say we continue to deficit spend. we've deny sit spent under this entire administration, under the entire previous administration as well. this isn't new, we never don't d
soon bet out of this cursed valleys but the violence got from first. [applause] >> will not be reflected, we do appreciate when serious journalists takes our stories and brings them home. for some of us, never have the chance to articulate those feelings and thoughts and observations. i didn't set out to write a war memoir. and i don't think it is in the end, dust-to-dust is about our place in time, our place in the landscape, but because i went to war, it becomes part of that journey, and necessarily it's part of our nature, unfortunately, this weakness for conflict we seem to tend towards, no matter how enlightened we become or how far we have progressed as people, no matter how much hope we have, that discussion can help us avoid the absolute and most definitive inability to articulate, you know, concessions, which is war. so, i'm going read a piece from this which puts is it in place. to put war in context, not to describe war so much. as being part of our history, and for us all, especially for veterans, obviously it's part of our individual history. we hav
that starts to take form. i bet you it will. >> it is in "first cameraman" that arun chaudhary documents his experiences as the videographer for the president. >> here's a look at some books that are being published this week. >> look for these times and bookstores this week and watch for the authors in a future on booktv and on booktv.org. >> we are here with the judge frederic block, author of an inside look of a federal trial judge. you were brought on the court in 1994. >> correct. 1994 i was nominated by president clinton, recommended by senator moynihan. i've been here for last 18 and a half years. >> your sub telecom inside look at the life and work. getting a regular day in the courtroom. >> every other day in the court room, there's no such thing as record in the courtroom. we send people to jail but we do that about three or four times a week. we get our share of so-called high profile trials because we sit in new york city. i had the gotti trial, and light in new york city is a very dynamic type of judgeship because we really are pretty much with the action is at. i've had terrori
the best defense. >> do you remember all those bets that i made? i'm going to collect on them! >> reporter: alecia reed, kron 4. >> it was more then fun and games. san francisco police were also busy during and after last night's game at the stick. officers kicked 92 spectators out of the stadium. another 25 people were arrested for public intoxication. and two additional arrests were made for a car burglary. two more people were arrested for d-u-is. >> police in san francisco are investigating a shooting saturday night that hospitalized two people. officers found a wounded man and woman in 13-hundred block of alemany boulevard just after ten o'clock last night. the victims are ageds 50 and 80. they were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries, which are not considered life- threatening. police have made no arrests. >> police in san francisco have arrested a rape suspect on telegraph hill. this after the suspect was surrounded by police and a helicopter about an hour after the incident occurred. the victim has been rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries. >> still ahead
of returning to the way they were before and you can bet in sacramento the pressure is going to be on him. >> we will be following it for you. >>> the 49ers headed for the national conference championship game for the second straight season. >> and vern glenn has the highlights from last night's game with the green bay packers. >> reporter: good morning. if you love the san francisco 49ers, then you are living a charmed life. the joint here at candlestick park was jumping last night at the expense of the green bay packers. hey, not only did colin rush for an nfl -- he shattered the record held by michael vick. he said we are going to run the ball and ride colin car dick -- caferdick. interception for a touchdown but he owned up to it, did get rattled and he was able to respond. yeah, they were down 7-0 but come roaring back. nobody open? i'm going to start running. i'm not going to stop until i go 20 yards for a touchdown. he would rush for a league record 181 yards. here he is right here where they were tied at 24 and then he threw with his arm. 2
view and palo alto you can bet you are freezing. frost advisory for the bay area lasting until 8:00 this morning. the freeze warning for our inland locations north, east, and south as i showed you a moment ago looking at and filling the wide-spread 20s. pacific satellite view not a lot of change going on. still within this pattern. the north westerly and northerly flow remains over the state. we have a trough to the east. ridge of high pressure to the west. in fact, it is so -- it goes way up toward alaska. this ridge is eventually going to nudge our way. going to bring our temperatures up. but we will remain with this cold spell. especially for the overnight hours. in a nutshell we are mostly clear. freezing this morning. our afternoon a near repeat of what we felt yesterday. cool and dry in our extended forecast. a gradual warmup as we get into tuesday and wednesday. 49-degrees expected this afternoon in vallejo. low 50s san francisco. upper 40s for concord. hayward you are looking at upper 40s. 48 degrees for the afternoon. 51 san jose. low 50s in santa cruz. i was out doing s
, your allies would not bet on you as much as they will. i think senator hagel was raising these questions. what did it take to make americans feel safe on september 10, 2001? we had terrorism hit the country and massive rise in spending in defense. you spent two 0.7 trillion dollars above that baseline, including inflation. that is justifiable in many ways. we're not having an honest discussion with the public. we are spending ways -- be spent a huge amount of money but america still hasn't been feeling as it. i think these are the kind of questions -- hagel made a comment that said it is not unpatriotic to ask questions of your government. this is when bush was in office. it is patriotic to ask these questions. i think he was trying to make that same kind of point about the barack bang investment in the united states. guest: i think his criticisms were quite fair at the time. in fact, many of us made them. the answer is not one -- "let us get out and cut defense." the bush administration did not provide the military resources -- the kinds of materials and resources. i pro
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